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What We Do For You

Your Personal Insurance Benefit Advisor: Protecting Your Tomorrow


... Serve as an Independent Trusted Local Consultant – Sound advice and personal one-on-one service from a trusted local advisor.  Appointed with the top national and regional carriers. 

... Member – Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), various local Chambers of Commerce and Carrier Broker Advisory Councils. Member of National and Ohio Association of Health Underwriters.

... Legislative Involvement/Knowledgeable Advocate – Updated on Health Care Reform implementation and policy compliance requirements.  Your partner in understanding the ever-changing Medicare market and products.

... Am I Covered?  – Making sure you are adequately covered – balancing policyholder risk with affordability.

... Assistance with Complex Insurance Matters – Insurance contracts are complex vehicles.  Knowing the ‘ins and outs’ of contracts is critical to utilizing them correctly. 

... Make the Most of Your Insurance Dollars – Rising insurance costs require you get the most out of your policies.  Understanding the right way to utilize your policy is imperative in controlling costs. 

... Identify and Minimize Potential Risks – Frequent policy review and ongoing education efforts to help policyholders make smarter decisions regarding their benefits.  Annual market review is vital.

... Be There in Difficult Times – When a claim occurs, having a trusted insurance expert on your side is important.  Your advocate with issues such as appeals, pre-certification and pre-authorization requirements.